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Hip Young Momma Crew

Lacking in years,but loving as parents.
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Share anything and everything about your life as a young momma and your experiences with your children! Introduce yourself with whatever information you deem necessary and let the posting begin.
Pictures are awesome just be sure that they get behind an LJ-cut so that they don't take over the screen. Tho some babies are super cute, it is super annoying to have a cute baby staring at you while causing your computer to lag at the same time ;)
NO HATING- this is a hate free community. If you have been offended or feel the need to strongly disagree with someone.."take it outside" of this community. We all can agree to disagree on issues, the health and safety of our children should be number one priority instead of whether we use cloth or disposable diapers ;p
abc's, accident prevention, animal cookies, art, attention span (short), babies, baby everything, baby proofing the house, baby-sitters, baths, bedtime, belly buttons, birthday parties, birthmarks, biting, booster seat, bottle-fed, bottles, breastfeeding, brocolli, check-ups, cherrios, chores, classes, clinginess, clumsiness, co-sleeping, crankiness, crawling, crayons, cribs, crying, curiousity, cute infant outfits, daddys, dawdling, day-care, diaper-rash, diapers, dinner-time chaos, disipline, drawing, eating habits, embarassing comments, energy, exploration, fairy tales, families, fatigue, feelings, fighting, first-aid, food, food allergies, friends, fruit juice, games, grandparents, growth, haircuts, healthiness, home, hugs, humor, hyperactivity, imagination, immunizations, independence, jealousy, kisses, language, learning, limits, listening, love, march of dimes, milestones, milk, mommies, music, naps, night-light, nose picking, numbers, nursery, outings, overstimulation, pacifier, pajamas, parents, pediatrician, personality, pets, pierced ears, play, pools, potty, preemies, pregnancy, preschool, quality time, questions, reading, relaxation, rest, rewards, routines, rules, safety, screaming, security, self-feeding, seperation anxiety, sharing, shoes, siblings, sickness, silliness, sippy cups, sleep, sleep problems, snoring, songs, spilling, strollers, sugar, sunscreen, talking, tantrums, teeth, teething, temperament, tension, thumb sucking, time-out, toddlers, toilet, toothbrushing, touch, toys, twins, values, vegetarian, vitamins, vocabulary, walker, walking, water, weaning, whining